Web Development and Digital Marketing

Web Development and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Web Development are integrated processes. Both of these functions go hand-in-hand and they need to work together. Companies should inculcate Digital marketing techniques for ensuring that visitors find your website. Digital Marketing tactics can vary from Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) to ‘Pay per Click’.

Digital Marketing

With the growth in the trends of the digital age, it has been necessary to implement Digital Marketing in all walks of life. All businesses, right from new start-up companies to new organizations, need to inculcate these practices to grow their businesses. Digital Marketing is highly important for the advancement of your product/service/organization across various digital channels. It must work in conjunction with your website, thereby facilitating better Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and ultimately growing your business. You will also get more insights into how your website is performing with the help of Digital Marketing.

Web Development

Your website acts as a window to the world. It is basically like your online headquarters. That is the reason why the role and importance of your website is significant. To ensure that potential customers are engaged with your website for a long time, it is necessary to develop a site that is easy to navigate and that has good functionality. Your website must also be integrated with the social networking sites and various technological advances so that traffic is driven to your website through search engine optimization (SEO). The importance of a high-quality website should not be underestimated for the success of your digital marketing strategy.


Your website must be content-rich. The high-quality content on your website, in terms of good blogs, visuals, landing pages would attract visitors to your website, thus keeping them engaged with it. It is important to do the research prior to writing the content, for ensuring that the content is rich in key phrases. People often make the mistake of writing content, without doing proper keyword research on it. Proper research on keywords is necessary for optimizing your website better for good content. The visuals and graphics on your website should be appealing. This will bring in more traffic, and it will engage the visitors to your website.

How ZBS can help

As an advertising agency, ZBS can help in Branding, Website Development and Design, Social Media Marketing, Ecommerce Solutions, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and Software Development.

Feel free to contact us for availing these services for growing your business.


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